Bre (bre_da_cheese) wrote,


So i got called fat today, in which i am. I weigh 112.5 pounds according to the scale yesterday and i wanted to be 105 by saturday which isnt going to work. Ive been eating close to no fat, and working out like a crazed freak. And yet, im not loosing anything. I find it really funny when i get called fat, but people who are about twice my size. Then what a hour and a half later, i get told I have a eating disorder and if i dont eat more im going to die at a young age. Fuck it, why not die happy? Atleast ill be thin and i wont have fuckers call me fat. and you know that would make all the people who called me fat feel bad because all i want is attetion, attetion and attetion

So, i would just like to say, THANK YOU PEOPLE FOR MAKING MY LIFE SO GREAT! :d

oh well, i dont have a eating disorder and im not pregnant, just thought everyone concerned would like to know that or stupid that is to even think THAT.
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