Bre (bre_da_cheese) wrote,

and thats how it goes....i suppose

note to the people who read this:

Look at the top of this screen under my icon and tell me what it says. I believe it says "bre's journal" in which means, my space to ramble on dumb crap all i want without getting critized right? WRONG. People are different, you learn this in kindergarden when you see childen of different ethinical backgrounds, colors, laungages, hair color, eye color, the way people dress, the way people acted. We learn from the first couple days of kindergarden and on to not judge people. I can remember in elementry school one of the "rules" was to "treat others the way you want to be treated" ive never thought about that really, what it excatly means. You see a girl at school who only hangs out with boys and shes a "whore, when you; the person judging this girl knows nothing about her. 2 years later your the girl; the girl everyone says is a bitch and a whore. I dont know how you can be a whore when your just talking to people in the hallways.

Fact: yes, i used to be crazy and i think i could call myself a whore.But, like all of us do from time to time, ive changed and learned right from wrong.

I am a different person from you reading this. We do probably have alot of simlarties but we are different in some way. I mean, dont you remember those barney/ kiddie shows about how "no one on this planet looks or is you". I have different dreams, goals, wishes, hopes then anyone else in this world. probably way different from you. I grew up in a family probably differently. i probably live my life and think about things alot differently then you.

This is what makes it MY JOURNAL: MY THOUGHTS, MY IDEAS, MY LIFE. If this was your life, then i would ask for your suggestions and thoughts and i woudlnt judge you. I think of this site as a white carpet in a way, you stepped on mine with your muddy shoes, and im not gonna do the same back. Think about it, would you want me bashing your site, saying your a "bitch and a whore" behind your back or as i walk past you in the hall?

Step down from that "fuck off im a big bad assed teenage" outlook on life and think about it.
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