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Tomorrow Is Ryne and I's 1 year. I cant believe we started this whole thing a year ago tomorrow. Its kind of scary, to actually realize im still together with him throught the year. Yes, im not saying it was easy. It was actually really hard. there were lots of teras, lots of letting myself go to fall i nlove with him and lots of restractions and learning how to love someone. I just cant believe I made it. I dont care what anyone says, yeah we did break up for 2 weeks, but still im saying tomorrow is our 1 year. Go ahead critize me all you want but this really shows in a daze.

He bought me a dvd player for my room. lol im so excited that i get to watch dvds in my bed now. lol yay! He went to his career concouler the other day and he either wants to become a teacher or get into hospitality. If he becomes a teACHER he will go to NIU. If he does the other thing hes looking at ECC of a school out in Las Vegas. I really hope our relationship doesnt affect his choice. I know we have a while, (until the end of this year) until he needs to really decided but i feel like im hoding him back. He thinks it would be so cool to live together and go to college together but still, its like im forcing him to make a decision to stay together. ECC isnt that far and we would see eachother. arg, well I HATE GROWING UP! LOL.

Im so tired, im been so busy with everything that i forget how to sleep. Tongiht i have a huge project to do for Theil's class that i doubt im going to have time to work-out at MCC (yeah i got signed up with my baby) or go to sleep by 7. I have to work on Friday until 10 (yeah sucks for Ryne and I's 1 year) but im going to go home and pass out....hopefully. 12 days of actual school left. well 11.5 if you count the half day and 3 days of finals. yay cant wait.
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