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wow, i never thought it would get here....the weekend. even though its going to suck since i work tonight until 8:30 and then my boyfriend is working late so im probably not going to do anything. and then i have a meeting tomorrow at work at noon and then i have work from 5-10. and my boyfriend has work later again. Sunday is going to be sleep day. lol. Maybe ill call Jamie or Chase or Matt and go hang out with them, lol i dont really feel like laying around all weekend. EH.

I went out to dinner with my baby yesterday to Bimbos. Its awesme, relaly fucking expensive but they are so nice there and the food is really good. He told me some things i never knew that my "friends" and co-workers said about me and it hurt my feeling alot. I dont udnerstand why the hell i let people like that get to me, but i do. Iunno it just bugged me that they said so much shit about me that isnt true. And if it was true, they didnt know how i got that way or what i went though. I am the way i am in a way because of what people say. I think most of soicety is fucked up because we rely on what people say about us too much. Whatever, im over it. I know im better off with just having a few friends and a amazing boyfriend then 34156 friends who i guess werent friends in the first place.

5 days+ finals of school left. and yes im counting down the days until i can get away from this hell hole. Im starting college early next year and taking a few corses at mcc over the summer and next fall. Im going to be bored so i need something to entrian myself with, so why not?! my mom wants me to go to MCC when i graduate, but fuck that im going to NIU, and if not there somewhere to get the fuck away from here.
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