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Havnt updated in forevr...

SUMMER IS HERE! That means lots of work, partying, beach, and more partying...

I partied a little too hard last week.

Went to Rich's friends farm. Its amazing, 900 acres of land, all to one family. HOW FUCKING AWESOME IS THAT? the kid had horses, his own pond, HIS OWN LITTLE HOUSE and his family had 2 houses on the property. Its so cool. So I went there with Ryan, Brittney, Jackie and Rich. Other people were there but i dont remember. Anyways, the minute i got there i busted out the razz and was gone. Went swimming in a pond, and got little Jackie in there with me. Was really fun. Then i fell aganist the tree, dont remember anything and woke up peeing on a toilet and puking in a sink. WONDERFUL! lol apperently Ryan had to carry me a mile and a half and i was telling him i could walk and everytime he put me down i fell and i was puking. Finally they got me back to the house, slept in Joe (riches brothers) bed, then i got carried upstairs where i puked on everyone, laied on the stairs and puked, and finally passed out on the bathroom floor. DONT REMEMBER ANYTHING! lol woke up with the worlds worse hangover and puked 2 more times and went to work and smelled mexican food forever. It was attractive

I got a job at on the border. I love it! lol i make i think atleast 7 bucks an hour, more depending on how great you are at your job. Everyone is awesome there, I work with Trisha and Ryne, who i love. Lol i wokr with Chase's mom and he got a job there too, so its loads of fun! lol. Its hard to read the managers though, i dont know who likes me and who doesnt and it upsets me. I just hope i dont get fired. I love this job!!

I saw Sean. Actually alot latly. I went over to his house and smelled everything. I jumped on his bed and smellt it. I smelled him. I smelled his clothes. I just love his seant. I cant explain it, thats something i miss about him. We layed and talked like old times. Then we got talking about the past, got in a fight and i left pissed off. I just believe that im not the girl for him anymore, but i still love him like no other. He told me he cant love me if he bearly cares. I left and i told myself i would never talk to him again. He calls the next day and we talked. i was still kind of upset. I just got off the phone with him and we talked about things. I was saying how we cant seem to just hold eachother like old times without wanting eachother and we need to learn more about the new us's and shit like that. Lol he said I actually talked now and my body is really toned. How I wish. Anyways....

I just realized that the last year and half with him has really worked out for the best. I mean, atleast we still talk. Sure, i went through ALOT ALOT ALOT of bad times, and anyone will tell you talk. But i grew up so much these past months that alot of people cant believe it. I leanred that the past is the past, the present is now and we have the whole future to plan our lives. Im 16 (ALMOST 17) and Im young and have plenty of time to plan my life. Im just blessed to have Him in my life....even if hes not my boyfriend...

Rynes amazing. Hes my best friend. I couldnt be more blessed to have him in my life either. Hes amazing. Might me not a teen anymore and not a adult right now, but i still love him. 364 days and counting! hehehe <333
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