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any guys dream come true.....

so last night....carissa and I made this amazing dinner for Brandon and Steve. lol yeah i can brag because it was so awesome. The food was really really good. wait until i tell Reza that i can cook! lol well the night went okay....atleast I got the truth and honestly what i was looking for. so here it goes...hes some pictures. by the way, this was one of the nicest things ive ever done for anyone. lol all the guys are jealoues because i never did anything like this for them. oh well.

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Me dressed

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carissa and I all done setting up. we are just so sweet...yeah guys we are the perfect girls...WELL...almost :/

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The walkway to the kitchen...rose petals, hearts and candels.

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More rose petals, hearts and candels...HINT TO GUYS...THIS IS ALL THE THINGS A GIRL WANTS!

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The kitchen table all set. lol it was really cute

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Steve and Brandon being boys. haha

Yeah so in the end it all worked out. the food was good...and the guys really liked it. So for other was alright. I only cried once..haha. but eh i got truth..and thats something no one can give me because they are worried about hurting me when it just hurts me more when i dont know. eh ill be alright :D
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