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Heyyyy everyone!
I know ive fallen off the face of the planet.
but im back!

So I am going to NIU next fall....and i could not be more excited! There is only a little over a month until I graduate high school. Man times have really flown by...but im happy to be geting the fuck out. Senior year now is a piece of cake, i go to school for 4 hours, where i sitt and do busy work. I wish I was graduating high school right now instead. I am just ready to get on with the rest of my life. I need to send my housing application to northern and my downpayment. I think I am going to dorm alone, which will be an expierence in itself. I am probably going to stay on a teaching floor, which means that all the other students will be majoring in education. I am really excited because I can meet new people! man im so fucking excited yet scared at the same time.....only a little longer...only a little longer!!

sean and I have talked again and I guess he wants to
rekindle" our relationship. that suprises me. it suprises me more that i dont even want to take him back, which is werid. Don't get me wrong, i love hanging out and being with him. But for some reason, im sick of running back to my ex boyfriends. and with college and everything, i just want to get on with my life and move away and meet people. I looked back on my posts on here and its amazing how in love I was with him. I would do anything to have him back at one point. and now i have my chance and I dont want to take it, very stange. We are howeever going to prom together (both centrals and mchenrys_) which will be alot of fun. I dont think I could see myself going to my senior year prom with anyone else. lol we are going to be exhauseted though since its back ro back days, and both nights we are getting wasted and getting a hotel room. lol on saturday night (my prom) im going to go back to the hotel room and im gunna fucking pass out. lol whatever it will be alot of fun!

things this year have been fucked up. I got involved in some NOTSOGREAT activites, but I managed to get myself out of the whole i digged myself. for the most part, i am normal again. I just need to stay on this path. I looked at myself and I do not want to be a lowlife the rest of my life and i cant be behaving like that when i go to an university.

well im out....jackie a is sitting next to me and were watching some fucked up love uuu
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