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arg people suck.

So its been awhile now (not really) but i have too much stress building up and im just gonna write for the next 12 minutes on my views of shitty people in this world. if you dont want to read it then simply click the exit box in the right hand conor. If you dont agree with me, leave your comments but dont get pissed at what i think......

So yeah, I think its really shitty when people use someones death as a excuse. A kid just died recently where i live, and now after his death alot of people are like "oh i feel so bad" and "Oh he was so nice, I was his BEST friend". Then his funeral at school I witnessed a few people and one girl in my english class say "Yeah tomorrow im going to his funeral, i never met him but i still want to go and see my friends and get out of school. And then after im going to my boyfriends house and were going to go shopping" HOW SHITTY IS THAT? I mean i understand if you go to someones funeral that you went to school with them or talked to them a couple times or were friends with them, but to go to someones funeral youve never met? and plus, just to use it as a excuse to get out of school? THATS BULLSHIT. Fuck when I die, I only want the people that actually liked me and cared about me to come to my funeral. And i dont want people running around saying. Oh i wish they were still alive because they were nice or I feel bad for them. AND NO CRYING. lol I want to go out with a bang, if anything have a blow out party in my name with my money and have a wonderful time and live up your lives. Dont live yours down just because im gone. Iunno its been annoying the shit out of me and bugging me. Oh well though, the ignorant only keeping getting ignorant.

I hate how boys use girls. I mean ive been a victim of this pretty much my whole sophmore year because I didnt give a damn about it. But im over that stage now (thank god) and i didnt let a certain someone take advantage of me this time. It still makes you mad though, I mean you put time and effort into someone and just like that they use you and decide your not worth it anymore. Whatever, in 5 years when half these people i know are living in shacks or streets or white trash 18 year old mommy with 3 kids with no dad im gonna laugh because I learned the hard way earlier.

I also witnessed how mean people are to eachother. A comment was made towards someone I know and it really set me off. I mean, do they actually understand what its like to be in that person's shoes? Like do they know what they deal with day in and day out to make these terriable comments. I swear, the person this happen to is probably going to go home and cry and try harder next time and gain anger. And after they ahve all that anger built up there gonna have either a breakdown or beat the crap out of someone and hey its not there faults because its the taunters. I swear, I wish I could just kick out all the mean people in this world out. Ive became a nicer person, its strange lol. Whatever i guess you cant let stupid high school freaks get to you. I realize that the day you walk to the stage and get you dipolima at graduation then you never have to see any of those people again if you dont want to. Thats going to be joy for everyone. As for the mean time, you gotta turn around smile and laugh because those people are the ones who just made the fools out of themseleves.

I work tonight, yay for that. I need money badly for prom and i just bought cubs tickets for may 10th! hell yeash thats gonna be the shit! <3
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