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crazy crap

wpw...why is there so much hate on my jounral? yeah i guess i am a dumb bitch to alot of people but still, i hate veryone fighting on my journal. get a life and fight on your own journal damnit..

Bretard got asked to prom! lol by rice krispie treats, sweetarts, a dozen roses, a cute letter and Ryne getting on his knees and holding my hand asking me to prom. now tell me, isnt that the cutest thing ever. I cant wait, im wearing my parange dress so i need to tan somehow....hmm myabe i can pull 50 dollars out of my ass. arg i need a new job!

Had a interview at On the border, Ryne got a job there so the girl seemed to like me so we should see. i really need the money and hours.

okay so me brit and ashley need 2 more couples for prom, so if anyone is going and needs somewhere to sitt, let me know. Plus maybe ill even invite you to the amazing after party, lol whenever that happens to be at. lol.

ill type the latter in what ryne said to me tomorrow, its really cute <3
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