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Last night I has werid dreams. I was with rynes sister Kelsey and we went Bungee jumping (I didnt go with her but i was watching) and she fell off and had to get out on a strecher. then there was a alligator in the water. lol it was messe dup.

Then i had a dream that I was dating one of my friends (guy) but I was still dating Ryne. It was the werdiest thing. lol i dont like this guy at all in real life but i was head over heels for him here. hmm.

Prom is in 15 days. I need to get in shape. I need to run, tan, and watch what i eat so i look okay in my dress. Im freaking out which is causing me to eat which im gaining weight and im freaking out. shit i gotta get myself straight here.

I love Ryne so much. hes a little freaked out about our future since im applying at NIU in Deekalb, Auganstina (whereever that is) and ISU (bloomington i think) and then MCC. Northerns my first choice and if i dont get in i guess one of the others will have to do. hes scared that im going to forget him when i move away and im going to start over. I told him im going to stop taLKING TO alot of people that cause drama and bullshit and thats what i mean from starting over. I told him not to worry bout us because time will tell. Is that right? iunno, i still have a year and like 6 weeks left until that happens so i have awhile. yay

Anyone buying a season pass to six flags this year? If you are, anyone want to buy them with me and ryne? we need 2 more people so then they would be 80 dollars apecie. let me know
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