Bre (bre_da_cheese) wrote,


wow, people are really funny. lol ive never realized how someone will say something, and then the next minute they are doing something different. eh oh well.

I love you Ryne. I know we have been through hell and back, but trust me this time were going to make things works. I love you more then youll ever know. Your the only person whos really believe in me throughtout the year and your the only reason ive kept going. Your amazing and i love you so much for everything this last year. I cant wait until one day i wake up and your laying next to me, hehe :D

I love you babycakes.

3 days of school and counting....cant summer just get here already?! lol i cant wait, im so excited for no reason at all, except im going to live at my uncles at his pool.
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