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this is to a certain someone, you know who you are and everyone else does too....

Its been a year and a half since we failed? Isnt that werid? I still remember the day you broke my heart, and i remember thinking i would NEVER get over it, which in a way i havnt and never will. My life is significantly better now as it was a 6 months ago. I don't blame you for not taking me back, after all you cant take someone back who was one of the most fucked up people you know. Im back on track though, after going through the hardest parts of my life, ive realized who's a friend and whose not. Ive realize that life's too short to cry all the time and be depressed, you gotta take the bad and smile about it even if your really sad. I never stopped loving you, in fact these last few mouths i have found greater appercation for you. You taught me such valuable life leasons that ive have used many times these past months. I have found love, a wonderful boyfriend who cares about me so much. I don't think i would be so happy today if i didnt have you in my life a year and a half ago. I have fallen in love, I got my heart broken, Got lost and found myself again. You taught me that i have to keep my head back throught all the bad ive gone through. I know theres been times when both of us have wanted to kill eachother for making our lives hell, but i honestly couldnt of done it without you. I might of gotten really fucked up since we failed, but i found myself and its because i knew we were going to be okay. Im alright with us not being boyfriend/girlfriend, or even close friends. I love being the type of friends that waves and says hi or calls to check on eachother. The other day i was driving my car and i was listening to empty apartment and it hit me. I realized a part of my heart will always be missing, no matter how much i try. But i know its okay. Thank you for changing my life. I will never forget you, and i wish you the best in life. I love you, and i always will until the day i die.
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